Capitalism begins with Choice.

We believe in bringing a variety of options to the proverbial planning table. In contrast to a presentation of one-company-one-solution, Choice invites families and their advisors to contemplate, thereby stepping fully into their decision-making. It elevates the family’s confidence that the choice they’ve made is a wise choice for them personally.

Choice is followed by Durability.

In capitalism, goods and services stand the test of time. Durability in financial services exists at two layers: the durability of the relationship and the durability of the vehicles themselves. In our approach, Durability continues after the ink is dry and shines fully into families’ post-acquisition experience.

The final tenet is Free-market Access.

In capitalism, consumers have access to clear, competitive pricing and full disclosure. At Capital Plan, we eliminate the biases and remove the blinders that many professional advisors and their affluent clients didn’t even know were there. We educate families on the many layers of hidden fees and expenses that much of the industry would prefer you didn’t see or understand.

Because trust is a precious currency.

At Capital Plan, we are advisors’ advisors. We protect and serve you, and in doing so, we help increase the existing relationship capital you have with your clients. As a family-owned business founded in 1977, our second generation is already in place. We have invested our very bloodline in the protection of your clients’ bloodlines. At the end of the road, in the bright light of day, we will be here, answering your questions, and your clients’ questions, with pride and transparency.